Angell & Phelps a Must Stop for Daytona Beach Chocoholics

Hey, Mosaic residents! Did you know your hometown of Daytona Beach has its own real confectionery destination? It’s called Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory and it’s a chocolate and candy lover’s delight. Angell & Phelps has done business here since the 1940s, and its Beach Street location by the Halifax River is the go-to forAngell & Phelps Chocolate Factory local chocoholics and anyone else who adores homemade sweet stuff.

Angell & Phelps is a real chocolate and candy-making facility that churns out fresh goodies nearly every day. It can supply you with treats as diverse as chocolate-dipped bacon strips and saltwater taffy nuggets. But, chocolate is definitely the star of the show at this Daytona Beach chocolate factory.

If you’re a chocoholic, Angell & Phelps will ensure you never run out of it. Here’s why Angell & Phelps is a must stop for Mosaic residents and Daytona Beach chocolate lovers alike.

First, a little history

Two women — Cora Phelps and Riddell Angell — founded their namesake chocolate shop in 1925 on Mackinac Island, Michigan. At the beginning of World War II, they moved it to Daytona Beach, where employees have churned out confections for generations of locals and visitors.

Dr. Alvin Smith bought Angell & Phelps in 1983. The shop now is run by his son, Chuck Smith.

Second, sharpen your sweet tooth

Almost any chocolate treat you can imagine is available at Angell & Phelps. From molded chocolates in an amazing array of shapes — golf balls, flip flops, motorcycles, you name it — to traditional candies such as truffles and turtles — this chocolate shop does it all.

You can even buy quality chocolate pieces to take home and use for your own creations. But trust us, you’ll want to taste the free samples offered by employees in the gift shop, where decorative bags and boxes of freshly made candies and treats await your purchase.

It’s not all chocolate. Fat candied apples, nut brittles, pralines and soft mints are among the choices available. And don’t miss the candy-coated chocolate sea shells. Pick up a batch for some addictive snacking during your next trip out to the beach.

Third, take the Chocolate Factory tour

Angell & Phelps is Daytona Beach’s real life Chocolate Factory. You’ll find its white stucco facade trimmed with chocolate-brown shutters at 154 South Beach Street.

From Mosaic, head east on U.S. Highway 92 until you reach the historic mainland part of Daytona Beach, just before you cross the bridge over the Halifax River. Beach Street runs parallel to the river and offers many cool small businesses like Angell & Phelps in a restored old Florida setting.

If you haven’t visited Angell & Phelps, make time to take a free tour. Those are offered six times each day, Monday through Saturday, and demonstrate how those glistening goodies come to be.

You’ll see employees operating original equipment and, in some cases, using original recipes. At tour’s end, savor free samples.

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