Mosaic Resident’s Club Update: An Interview With Dicky Smith & Co.

Our Resident’s Club at Mosaic is well under way! Check out this quick video interview with Caroline, our lifestyle director, and Mike from Dicky Smith & Co. Dicky Smith has been working hard to get this done for our residents and we can’t wait to see the finished result!

Once our Resident’s Club is complete, it will include a band shell, state-of-the-art fitness center, two swimming pools, and more. All with Club Mosaic as the social central to it all.

The “lowdown”

Caroline: Hey guys, it’s Caroline, your Mosaic lifestyle director here with a very cool person, Mike from Dicky Smith & Company.

He is the awesome guy in charge of building our Amenity Center.

So everyone shout out, say “Hey Mike!”

Mike: Hey!

Caroline: Mike, can you tell us what you are doing for us in terms of building, where we are in the process? Just give us the lowdown!

Mike: Well, we wrapped up the slab a couple weeks ago and the structural steel is going up and should be wrapped up around early next week. The whole structural Mosaic Resident's Club - Coming Soonsteel.

And then we’re working on the band shell over here, so the band shell will be going up in the community as well! So, we’ve got to have the structural steel up on that early next week as well. So, and as soon as that’s done, metal framing will be going up and everybody will be starting seeing more of a building. So, exciting stuff.

A “thank you” for hard work

Caroline: We just wanted to say thank you so much for all the hard work you guys are doing. I see the guys out here all the time.

Mike: No, we appreciate the opportunity.

Caroline: They’ve done such a great job. It’s going up so quickly. It’ll be done before we know it and we’ll have to invite you back for our awesome pool party once we get it all up and going!

Mike: Yeah, for sure!

Caroline: Yeah, so once again just big thanks to you and the whole company, Dicky Smith and Company, rock and rollin’ our Amenities Center, our Resident’s Club.

It’s looking great, so big high-five! And everyone, if you see Mike, say thank you and shout out to Dicky Smith and Company.