Info-Hungry Millennials Driving Home-Buying Trends

If you’re a house-hunting millennial, chances are you have a solid idea of what you want, and a better idea of how to find it.

Information overload is your thing. You love it.

millennial home buying trends

We at ICI Homes have built new custom homes all over the state of Florida for nearly four decades and we know a thing or two about how customers approach the home-buying experience. For example, millennials — people who entered adulthood in the early 2000s — have some trackable traits when they search for a new home.

It’s all good too, because we think one of our newest communities — Mosaic, in Daytona Beach — is a great fit for millennials. Also for any other generation of U.S., home buyer (we promise).

We detail some of those millennial traits below, plus describe why Mosaic should be on your list if you’re a millennial home buyer or know someone who is.

Too much information is not enough

Know how the Rolling Stones sang, “Gimme Shelter?” The millennial version is, “Gimme Info.”

As the first generation reared on social media and computers in the classroom, millennials consume data like they consume air and water. They’ll jump online and research everything they can find about prospective neighborhoods and homes before they ever go see anything in person.

This isn’t a bad thing. Millennials’ info-rich home-buying preferences have spurred many homebuilders and developers to step up their games. Data-rich websites full of floorplans, photo galleries and videos now are a must-have, in order to attract and satisfy millennial customers.

This means means more fruitful resources for all future home buyers.

Bells and whistles, please

We don’t mean expensive materials and large square footage. As a rule, millennials lead busy lives. Many are starting families or have little ones. They’re also career-building, are keen on travel and volunteering, and not so keen on flipping or restoring older homes.

They have enough to do, and they want new state-of-the-art construction with smart-home capability and maintenance-free materials and finishes. And, not big homes. They’d rather do something like go for a bike ride than clean house. The bigger the house, the more to clean.

Open to assistance

Being digitally savvy doesn’t mean this younger generation doesn’t value input from others.

Because they’re so inclined to instantly google whatever they can’t find, they have no trouble asking for help (generally speaking). Millennials do tend to be first-time home buyers. They’re stepping away from renting, or rooming with parents or friends. This means they must research the process of finding their own pad.

This means sales folks, builders and designers being more on their toes, to lend a helping hand and guidance. The best news? If the professional relationship is a successful one, both sides could cultivate a customer or go-to realtor or builder, for life!

Mosaic is a millennial dream

Allow us some hyperbole! But it’s true. Mosaic is full life community geared toward home buyers of every generation. It takes plenty of amenities to satisfy everyone, and we’ve got a full roster.

But rather than tick off the entire list — click here to find it — let’s just say millennial home buyers will love that they have the option to build their Mosaic home with smart home capabilities, plus the fitness trails, Wi-Fi throughout the entire community and its convenient Atlantic Coast location.

Ready for your Mosaic lifestyle? Talk to us here.

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