Dog-Loving Millennial Home Buyers: Come to Mosaic

A recent National Association of Realtors report revealed that millennials — defined by the report as adults age 36 or younger — are the largest, current group of U.S.Millennials buying homes for their dogs home buyers, at 34 percent. A millennial is someone who began adulthood after the year 2000.

Another recent report, a Harris Poll survey done for SunTrust Mortgage, revealed that 33 percent of millennial respondents used their pets as a major impetus for buying a home. The need for space and the quest to build equity ranked No. 1 and No. 2, respectively. But the No. 3 reason was to house a dog — not marriage (No. 4) and not the birth of a child (No. 5).

Turns out many members of the generation-of-the-moment have a case of puppy love. And they’re willing to purchase their homes around it.

We at ICI Homes share this because we’re developing a new master-planned community perfect for those folks — Mosaic, in Daytona Beach, Florida. We call it a “full life” community that welcomes every generation of home buyers, from Millennials to Gen-Xers, Baby Boomers from all decades, and golden-years retirees who don’t want to sit still.

We’ll tell you why Mosaic is a great fit for millennial dog lovers in a minute, but first let’s chat about that aforementioned trend.

Why millennial dog owners prefer to buy

We’re sure many millennials also love cats, goldfish and hamsters, but for our purposes, dogs are the spotlight here.

Millennial dog lovers buying homes for their pets

Along with the puppy-love theme, many millennial home-buying decisions also are driven by practicality. As many of us know, when you rent — be it apartment, condominium, house or any other residence — you usually pay extra if you’re a pet owner. Your rent might be a little higher and you’re likely assessed a stiff cleaning fee once you move out.

Or worse, perhaps you can’t rent somewhere you’d like to be, or can afford, because (A) those places have a no-pets rule, (B) management discovers you have a certain type or breed of pet and says “No way,” or (C) tacks on additional fees that sour your enthusiasm for living there.

That’s a big “ugh.”

The other practical consideration is space. Dogs of all sizes love to roam and play, especially outdoors. That’s a challenge for pet parents who live in apartments, condos or anywhere else without a backyard or easily accessible green space.

“Walking the dog,” isn’t as easy as opening the back door. Or installing a pet door in one. And over time, that gets old coupled with hectic family, social and work lives.

Why millennial dog owners should consider Mosaic

Of course, we’re biased, but we think this community is a pretty neat deal. You’ll find that our single-family homes have a permanent nature preserve as its western boundary — Tiger Bay State Forest. Many of our homes are smart homes, equipped with the latest digital technology, another millennial must-have.

But wait. How about a community garden, pool, fitness center, kid-friendly playground, Wi-Fi throughout, an awesome clubhouse, a covered amphitheater, interconnected fitness trails, and a lake ringed by a boardwalk and punctuated by a gazebo?

Notice those miles of fitness trails. What dog wouldn’t want to live here?

Ready for your Mosaic lifestyle? Talk to ICI Homes.

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