#MyMosaic Vlog – Episode 4 – Mosaic’s Tight-Knit Community with Felix Anzola

Mosaic was created with the vision of an all-embracing, tight-knit community catering to diverse lifestyles. Join us in our Vlog series, #MyMosaic, as we engage with residents from across the community to explore how their individual stories seamlessly integrate into the Mosaic puzzle.

In this episode, we had the opportunity to meet with Felix Anzola and learn about Mosaic’s supportive and engaged residents.

A tailor-made dream home

Curious about what led Felix and his family here? They were already residing in a nearby ICI Homes community when they first heard about Mosaic.

After thorough research and consideration by Felix’s wife, they made the decision to make Mosaic their new home and embark on the journey of building a custom home with ICI Homes. “We got to choose everything that we wanted in the house.” Felix reminisced. “It was a very good experience.”

As a Broward County native, Felix highlighted how Mosaic stands apart from the typical subdivisions found in South Florida. “This subdivision [Mosaic] actually helps you engage with your neighbors.”

Mosaic’s tight-knit community

When asked about living in Mosaic, his immediate heartfelt response was clear “The Mosaic community is something special.”

For Felix and his son, Mosaic became their sanctuary during a period of profound grief following the loss of his wife. The unwavering support they received from the community during and after this difficult time is beyond words.

Mosaic is more than just a place to live; it’s a perfect fit for individuals from all walks of life, cultures, and backgrounds. Felix shared, “It makes you feel wanted,” he told us “It makes you feel, you know, like this is a good place.”

Diverse events for every taste

At Mosaic, a dedicated Lifestyle Director ensures that the community calendar is brimming with events suitable for all ages. From the lively Food Truck Friday gatherings and refreshing pool parties to enchanting concerts on the lush green lawn, festive holiday celebrations, and spirited chili cook-offs—there’s something for everyone.

Felix enthusiastically mentioned, “Every month we have something going on in the community and it’s good because it keeps people engaged. It keeps people wanting to talk to each other.”

To hear more about Felix’s piece in the #MyMosaic puzzle, watch the full episode below. Join us as we continue to unravel the remarkable stories that make Mosaic a truly extraordinary community.