#MyMosaic Vlog – Episode 4 – Mosaic’s Tight-Knit Community with Felix Anzola

#MyMosaic Vlog - Episode 4 - Mosaic's Tight-Knit Community with Felix Anzola - Untitled design 1

Mosaic was created with the vision of an all-embracing, tight-knit community catering to diverse lifestyles. Join us in our Vlog series, #MyMosaic, as we engage with residents from across the community to explore how their individual stories seamlessly integrate into the Mosaic puzzle.

In this episode, we had the opportunity to meet with Felix Anzola and learn about Mosaic’s supportive and engaged residents.

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#MyMosaic Vlog – Episode 3 – Mosaic Supports Local with Angela and George Vogel

Mosaic Supports Local #MyMosaic Vlog Episode 3

Mosaic was built with the vision of being an all-inclusive, close-knit community for every lifestyle. Join us in this Vlog series – #MyMosaic as we talk to various residents throughout the community to learn about how their unique piece fits perfectly in the Mosaic puzzle.

In this episode, we sit down with Angela and George Vogel, Mosaic residents and local business owners of DAGGZ® Authentic Sauces.

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#MyMosaic Vlog – Episode 2 – Mosaic’s Active Lifestyle with Andrea McDonald

#MyMosaic Vlog - Episode 2 - Mosaic's Active Lifestyle with Andrea McDonald - Andrea Mcdonald

Mosaic was founded with the goal of creating an all-inclusive community that caters to every lifestyle. In our latest Vlog series, #MyMosaic, we feature interviews with our diverse residents to learn how their unique stories are essential to the Mosaic puzzle. Join us as we explore the tight-knit community at Mosaic.

In this episode of our #MyMosiac Vlog, we met with Andrea Mcdonald, a Seattle native that made a move across the country to be closer to the people she cares about, bringing her fitness-oriented lifestyle with her.

Read more to learn all about Andrea’s piece of the #MyMosaic puzzle.

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