Here’s What Fuels Your New Smart Home

So you’re curious about our new Mosaic community in Daytona Beach.

One reason for your curiosity may be that every home we build here has the ability to be affordably upgraded to a smart home. This means you’ll have today’s latest Model homeWi-Fi, computer and electrical systems percolating behind your sheetrock.

Your home will be equipped to control a smart appliance that can be controlled via an app on your smart phone, laptop or computer.  Sound good? It’s only one reason we think you’ll love building your new Florida home in Mosaic. And, if you’re not as technically inclined as some of your future neighbors, follow along as we describe what fuels your new smart home.


The network provides the intelligence

SMART Home upgradeThe behind-the-scenes systems power your choice of a smart-home network. Spoiler alert: this is a moving target. When you research any potential purchase — let’s say a food processor — you know how there’s usually one brand or model that’s rated the best?

“I want that one,” you say.

It’s not like that with smart-home networks. Not yet. Technology advances are constantly improving and upgrading and offering new options. So it’s not as easy to say, “I want that one,” of your smart-home network.

Do your research, online and face-to-face, starting with gathering an idea of what you want your network to do.

Your lifestyle dictates functions

Basic stuff? Or Star Trek-tricked out?

If you’re digitally-savvy or have a house full of teenagers, be sure your network is powered like a Porsche and can support all desired functions. However, it’s just as fine if you’re just starting out with a smart thermostat, door bell video system and a few light dimmers.

Ready for your new Mosaic smart home? Talk to us here.

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